Jakub Lipiński

Welcome to my personal website. Don’t expect too much, I just collect and link to some external content related to my work and thoughts, before they will all be lost in time1. Enjoy.

My name is Jakub Lipiński. I’m a software engineer turned entrepreneur, investor, and business mentor. I live in Poland.


I mentor entrepreneurs in building companies and assisting them in overcoming daily challenges.

I’m a co-founder of Inoko Vision.

I’m a Venture Advisor at Expeditions Fund.

I’m a chairman at Jagiellonian Club 🇵🇱 think-tank and occasionally publish articles🇵🇱 there. One of our projects includes building the Pola mobile app🇵🇱.

I’m a family man with a wife and 5 children. I’m a grandson of Wacław Lipiński and I maintain a website dedicated to his memory🇵🇱.

In my free time, I am renovating an old farmhouse at Warmia.

You can connect me on LinkedIn, Twitter or GitHub.


I conducted some research in the field of bioinformatics.

I co-founded Polidea and run it for its first crazy 7 years. I was non-executive chairman of the supervisory board after that. Snowflake acquired Polidea in Feb 2021.

I co-founded SolidStamp - an on-chain registry of Ethereum smart contract audits.

I used to work on novel approach to nuclear fusion with an independent lab in California.

I co-founded Apphance which was acquired by Applause (then uTest) in 2012.

I graduated from AGH University of Science and Technology (MSc in computer science), from IESE (Advanced Management Program) and from Center for Leadership (Leadership Academy for Poland).

I was named The New Europe 100 — changemaker in central and eastern Europe (2016)Archived PDF. I was finalist of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 Poland🇵🇱Archived PDF and a finalist of the Polish programming contest 1998🇵🇱Archived PDF.