There has never been a more intense time for me than when I was running a company (or two for a while). Each day brought new challenges: a valuable employee received an offer from a competitor, a client complained about the quality of our services, the structure of the company no longer suited the current challenges. A real rollercoaster. Every day I worked hard trying to come up with new solutions. Having no business experience, it often turned out that I was reinventing the wheel, not knowing that certain problems were solved in a certain way. I also missed looking from the side at what I was doing, catching some distance, enjoying what I had achieved and strategically facing what was ahead of me. I remember conversations with people who also ran a business and were more experienced, how much they opened a new perspective on the current struggles.

Today, after selling two companies, I offer business mentoring services to others. If you are a business owner, founder, entrepreneur, executive or manager in a tech- or science-based company I can help you navigate your challenges and achieve your full potential.

My mentoring services are designed to help you in various areas, including:

  • unifying your company’s vision, strategy, and action plan among the stakeholders;

  • formalizing arrangements in the form of a shareholders agreement; understanding vesting;

  • developing your leadership skills as a CEO or board member; building company structure, culture, values, and purpose; designing processes and OKRs;

  • managing hiring, onboarding, and letting people go; building a fair and rewarding compensation package and ESOP;

  • building and running a technical team;

  • raising funds from pitch deck to exit strategy;

  • building an acquisition-ready company, preparing for the due-diligence process, and managing internal and external communication related to acquisition;

  • achieving work-life balance and impact.

I provide one-on-one or group mentoring sessions tailored to your specific needs and goals. We can arrange a meeting in person or over a conference call. Additionally, we can arrange a longer-form workshop, go for a hike together, or we can meet at Farmia. I draw on my experience and knowledge to offer practical advice and guidance that can help you achieve your goals.

Anna Szkulmowska
Jakub helped me improve cooperation between shareholders and streamline the work of the technical department
Anna Szkulmowska, Founder at Inoko Vision
Marek Kirejczyk
I had the privilege of working with Jakub when he generously offered to advise me during the EthWorks acquisition by TrustToken. I was thrilled to have Jakub's expertise and guidance during this complex and challenging process, and his invaluable advice proved to be instrumental in the acquisition's success.
Marek Kirejczyk, Founder at EthWorks

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, let’s connect and see how my mentoring services can help you achieve your objectives.